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At M. Trent Trani & Associates, P.C., we take immense satisfaction in the fact that we are in a position of being able to help people during what is often one of the most challenging and upsetting experiences of their lives. In fact, we count the appreciation of our clients as being our greatest reward for the work we do. If you are looking for a criminal defense or family law attorney to represent you in a divorce or on charges such as driving under the influence, you owe it to yourself to find one who is motivated to provide you with the help and support that you truly need in a situation that could have a massive impact on your future. As you can see from the testimonials we have received from past clients, that is exactly the type of service that we provide. Read through some of our testimonials, and then contact us for a FREE Consultation. 303-800-0396.

"Trent, I just wanted to send a quick note of gratitude to you and your staff. I will always be thankful for your being my defense attorney. In one of my college classes, a Forensic Psychology class our last paper is on the Court room experience which brought back many memories for me. You were the one constant that pulled me through a difficult time due to my horrible decision making. Anyhow I have come a very long way since then but I will forever be grateful to you. Wishing you and your family and your staff the happiest holiday season. Sincerely, T." (Charge of sexual assault on a child – Jefferson County, Colorado – Plea bargain resulted in no jail with probation)

"Earlier this year I was charged with a domestic violence crime in Adams county Colorado against my now ‘ex’ husband. It was my ex who had assaulted me. Mr. Trani believed me when the cops wouldn’t. Then, when the prosecutor wouldn’t dismiss the case, Mr. Trani worked hard to prove that I was innocent. We had a trial and Mr. Trani asked my ex so many tough questions when he was testifying that my ex about blew up on the witness stand. I was found not guilty and am now able to move on with my life without a false charge on my record. Mr. Trani did a great job and I would recommend him to anyone. L" (Charge of domestic violence – DV – Assault – Adams County, Colorado. Not guilty verdict after trial. Acquittal)

"Hi Trent, For all that you’ve done for me and my family, I just wanted to express my deepest gratitude. Your professionalism and ability to present my case before the Court has been a blessing. Regardless of the obstacles and odds, you were honest with me every time. Your thoroughness and perseverance helped me return home with no parole hanging over me, despite the judge initially denying my plea. And now, less than a year out, I have resurrected my career and am able to provide for my family. The future is again bright and you are a big part of my second chance for a decent life. Once again, thank you. Sincerely, M." (Sex assault on a child – Jefferson County, Colorado – Plea Bargain resulted in minimal incarceration)

"Law Offices of M. Trent Trani & Associates, P.C., That’s the ad I found in the yellow pages. I had been arrested and charged with a crime, facing serious criminal charges. I searched for legal representation, after speaking with a few attorneys things looked bleak. I made the call to the Law Offices of M. Trent Trani & Associates, P.C. I met with Mr. Trani that same day. After speaking with Mr. Trani I knew I had found the right attorney to defend me. There are many steps to the criminal justice system, I’ll always be grateful to the entire staff of M. Trent Trani & Associates, P.C. for standing by my side through every stage of my case. I found them all to be compassionate, experienced, professional and committed to give me the best representation possible. Make no statements to the police. Make the call to the Law Offices of M. Trent Trani & Associates, P.C. Speaking from personal experience I’ll always be glad I made that call. Sincerely, A Grateful Client. - T.S." (Sexual assault on a child allegation – Plea bargain reached allowing client to be put on probation)

"Personal, Attentive, Reassuring I would absolutely recommend, if not insist, that anyone I know use this legal team! Mr Trani was so calming in what was a very scary experience! He was there any time I needed him, always promptly returning phone calls. He spoke with thoughtfulness and never “fluffed” the truth, without overtly scaring me. I truly do not think I would have kept my sanity without his guidance! His fees were more than fair and he has a great reputation! I recently was charged with a Class 1 Petty Offense related to public indecency. This is less serious than a misdemeanor, but can still have serious consequences that could derail one’s life in a big way. I took a chance on the firm M. Trent Trani & Associates, P.C., and engaged Trent Trani for my defense. From the start, he was calm, soft-spoken, confident, reassuring and forthright. He answered all my questions completely and non-judgmentally. It was easy to communicate via phone or email. He worked aggressively in my defense, and the outcome was the best possible! I recommend Mr. Trani without reservation to anyone. – D.S." (Indecent exposure charge – Denver – Plea bargain spared client jail time)

"In 2007, I faced serious criminal charges and was in need of a good lawyer. I interviewed many, but only Mr. Trani provided calm, fair and honest counsel. He thoroughly reviewed my case and informed me of all possible outcomes. He was always accessible and worked his hardest for the best results. I am grateful for all he’s done for me and my family. He and his law firm are major reasons for my life getting back in order. His professionalism is unsurpassed but it’s his consideration and sincerity that I appreciated most. – M.M."

"Hi Trent, I just wanted to send a short note from our entire family to thank you for everything that you did for [my daughter]. Your efforts over the past year allowed the truth about the horrible accident to be heard. It seemed that everyone but you believed [my daughter] was guilty of driving drunk and killing [the victim]. The Not Guilty verdict reached by the jury was vindication for everything that we have said since the beginning. It was your hard work and your performance at trial that allowed this to happen. Thanks again! – R.D." (Charge of Vehicular Homicide; Driving Under the Influence/DUI – Not Guilty Verdict after jury trial)

"Dear M. Trent Trani & Associates, P.C., I would like to sincerely thank you for the representation provided to me… This was one of the hardest times of my life. It was a great comfort to me to have someone so intelligent and professional as my counsel. I feel I owe her a great deal. I would recommend her to anyone. Again, I thank your firm for providing me with such an incredible asset – S.S." (Charge of Harassment by threats – Deal negotiated with prosecution avoided incarceration and probation)

"Trent, my daughter called me yesterday evening and said that you came to a plea agreement with the DA. It involves five years' probation for her, no prison time and no jail time. I want to thank you for that… I really appreciate everything you’ve done for us,… Sincerely and Thanks from the bottom of my heart! – G.H." (Charge of Child Abuse Resulting in Death – Deal negotiated with prosecution avoided incarceration)

"Words can’t describe how grateful I am for your extraordinary efforts on my behalf. Without your guidance and representation, I believe the outcome would have been dire. I owe it all to you. You are an asset. I admire you and respect you. Kind Regards – J.V." (Charge of Vehicular Assault; Driving Under the Influence/DUI – Deal negotiated with prosecution avoided incarceration)

"Trent, thank you once again for your services – I especially appreciate your personal testament on my behalf in front of the judge. I consider you a friend and hope for the best in your life. – E.M." (Charge of Sexual Assault on a Child and Rape – Deal negotiated with prosecution avoided possible lifetime incarceration)

"Hi Trent, you represented my son, J.L. a while back. I just wanted to tell you he is doing awesome. [I] also wanted to tell you again how much we appreciate you. Y.O.S. was the best choice for J.L. You did a great job. – P.G." (Direct File Felony charge of Assault in the Second Degree against child J.L. – Negotiations with prosecution resulted in sentence to Youthful Offender System that avoided incarceration in adult prison)

"Trent, Just wanted to take a moment to let you know how appreciative of your efforts we are. K, A, R, and I owe our thanks to your help in moving us toward being a healthier and happy family again. – C.M." (Juvenile Felony charge of Unlawful Sexual Contact – Negotiations with prosecution resulted in juvenile participating in treatment and charges being dismissed)

"Trent, again you have my eternal gratitude. Your counsel, patience, and humanity you showed me was over the top. Thank you. In looking back now, I know that I was guided to you for help. – A.S." (Charge of Sexual Assault on a Child – Pattern of Abuse – Negotiations with prosecution resulted in probation with no jail or prison time)

"Trent, I am so glad I went to the Yellow Pages and found your firm to turn to. You have been AWESOME! Thanks for preventing a major derailment of my life. – D.S." (Charge of Public Indecency – Plea bargain negotiated resulting in 6 month unsupervised deferred judgment)

"Thank you so very much for helping us get through this situation. Having to navigate the criminal court system is a very frightening thing for first timers and you were able to help put many of our fears for our son at rest so we could sleep at night. Having you at his side in the courtroom made us feel like he was in good hands. Your taking time to listen and answer all of our questions in detail with care and concern made all the difference! In your line of work, I don’t imagine that you get the thanks you truly deserve often enough. We want you to know you made a positive difference in three lives with this case. If there is ever a need for good representation for our friends or family, you are on our ‘go to’ list and we will certainly recommend you to others. Thank you again!"

"Trent – Thank you for helping me fight through my case. Your idea to request that my judgment be handled through the probation department made all the difference in the world in terms of how my life played out over the last year and a half. I would not have been able to leave Colorado if not for you and had I been required to go through the normal deferred judgment channel in Jefferson County for domestic violence. It took changing lawyers, retaining you, to get to that. I hope you are well, and continue helping people stay out of, get out, or avoid getting into more trouble. I would say getting into trouble with the criminal justice system has got to be the next worst thing that could befall a person. I can honestly say it looks like you have one of the hardest and most stressful jobs out there. Thank you for being there for me. Sincerely, M."

"Won at Trial! Trent recently asked if I would write a review for him and I happily said yes. A couple of years ago, I was charged with ridiculous DUI and obstructing police charges in Denver. I did neither thing that I was charged with. I got mad and yelled an obscenity at an officer who had told me that I was playing my car music too loudly on Market St (Saturday night). Needless to say, the Denver police do not tolerate that. I got pulled over immediately and falsely charged (don’t let anyone tell you that this doesn’t happen). I am a local vet tech and absolutely could not have these charges on my record. We went to trial and Trent shredded the 2 Denver police officers who had made the charges up against me! The jury found me not guilty thanks to Trent. I am very grateful for his help. YM" (DUI charge – Denver County – Acquittal after trial)

"My granddaughter was charged with homicide in Salida. I hired Mr. Trani to help her. He did and was able to keep her out of prison. For that, I am so grateful." (Criminally negligent homicide charge in Salida, Colorado – Plea bargain allowed client to avoid jail and serve a probationary sentence)

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