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Denver Collaborative Divorce Attorney

No matter what method of divorce you and your current spouse choose, pain and suffering are hard to avoid. With a collaborative divorce and the assistance of our family law attorney, however, divorce does not have to be as stressful or costly. By going to court, the judge will be the deciding factor in what happens with your property, children, and other possessions. As you explore your options or pursue the dissolution of your marriage through a collaborative divorce, our Denver family law attorney can help you fight for a successful resolution.

How does collaborate divorce work?

In a collaborative divorce, the couple and each of their lawyers will prepare for negotiation. As you and your lawyer discuss the terms of your divorce, such as property division, child custody and child support, you will use negotiation and communication. Couples who are able to make mutual decisions can pursue a collaborative divorce. With collaborative law, terms of divorce are decided by the couple and not a judge. In this practical process, couples will sign agreements that resolve their disputes without the interference of the court.

Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

If you and your spouse have chosen to pursue divorce through collaborative law, you will likely reap many benefits. You and your spouse have control over what you both believe is fair. Privacy is another benefit of collaborative divorce. By remaining out of court, what takes place in your divorce is confidential.

Collaborative divorces are beneficial for families with children. Greater emphasis is placed on their emotional needs and decisions are made by the people who truly know what is in their best interest. We can help you navigate collaborative divorce using our experience and compassion.

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