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Protecting Mothers' Rights

As a mother, you have rights. If these rights are threatened, you can get the legal help you need from our mother's right attorney at M. Trent Trani & Associates, P.C. Whether your case involves reports of abuse and the involvement of the authorities, the removal of your children from your custody due to allegations of neglect or abuse, a child custody battle related to a divorce, or other type of legal situation that could affect your rights as a mother, our firm can take action for you. We can be reached 24/7 in cases of emergency. Our attorneys are Lead Counsel Rated, and we have over 15 years of experience in protecting the rights of mothers.

Mothers have the right to schedule activities, interact, and visit children without the father's interruptions, control, or threats. If an existing child custody order has been violated, you have the right to notify the court and get the matter resolved. As a mother you also have the right to petition to the court to make changes to a visitation schedule or custody order. You also have the right to obtain an order from the court to prevent the father from travelling out of state with the child.

An attorney from our firm can take action to protect your parental rights, no matter what legal situation you are facing. Cases involving divorce can involve accusations that threaten your custody of your children, and our legal team is committed to serving you with the highest quality representation to get this critical matter resolved. Are your mother's rights being threatened in any way? Call our firm now.

Representing Mothers in Parental Rights Matters in Denver, CO

By hiring a mother's right lawyer you can increase your chances of ensuring that your rights as a mother are protected fully. If you are seeking custody of your children in divorce, are facing problems with visitation or any other matter that demands legal action, we can take action for you.

Contact us to discuss your legal situation, so we can take action for you. We know the importance of preserving parental rights, no matter how complex the situation.